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LaTeX code for FAR-Play

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	\item \hyperlink{fAR-Play}{1fAR-Play}
	\item \hyperlink{Features_needed}{1.1Features needed}
	\item \hyperlink{Games_created_with_fAR-Play}{1.2Games created with fAR-Play}
	\item \hyperlink{fAR-Play_Developers_Manual}{1.3fAR-Play Developers Manual}

\section{ fAR-Play }\hypertarget{Features_needed}{}

\subsection{ Features needed }

These are the new features that 
	\item  Push to Twitter and Facebook
	\item  People be able to add their own content (text or image) - we will need way of flagging abuse - accounts
	\item  How does that change the interface
	\item  Entrance to the game needs to be much simpler - we need to be able to have unique interfaces
	\item  Mini assessment tools for Strathcona version - perhaps a "Was this interesting?"

\subsection{ Games created with fAR-Play }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Fort_Edmonton_Park}{Fort Edmonton Park - Bygone Pursuits}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:OSBA}{Old Strathcona Business Association}

\subsection{ fAR-Play Developers Manual }


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