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Environmental Scan

*Ontario Science Museum

*A man with glasses and a red shirt sits in front of a microphone.
Al Jean co-wrote the episode with Mike Reiss.

"Stark Raving Dad" was written specifically for Michael Jackson, a fan of the show, who had called Groening one night and offered to do a guest spot.<ref name="Groening">Groening, Matt. (2003). Commentary for "Stark Raving Dad", in The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season [DVD]. 20th Century Fox.</ref><ref name="fan">Template:Cite news</ref> The offer was accepted and a script was written by Al Jean and Mike Reiss, based on an idea pitched by James L. Brooks.<ref name="Reiss"/> Creator Matt Groening and co-executive producer Sam Simon also contributed significantly to the writing of the episode.<ref name="Reiss"/> In an early version of the script, Homer decided to take his alcoholic friend Barney Gumble in for rehab, but while there Homer began acting crazily so the doctors assumed he was the one to be committed.<ref name="Groening"/> It was later changed to Homer being hospitalized for wearing a pink shirt, an idea pitched by Brooks.<ref name="Jean"/> Michael Jackson pitched several story ideas for the episode, such as Bart telling everyone in town that Michael Jackson was coming to his house. He also requested that there be a scene in which he and Bart wrote a song together<ref name="Reiss"/> and asked that a joke about Prince be changed to one about Elvis Presley.<ref name="Jean">Jean, Al. (2003). Commentary for "Stark Raving Dad", in The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season [DVD]. 20th Century Fox.</ref>

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