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LaTeX code for Embedding Voyeur into Drupal

Click here for a plain text version of this LaTeX code.

% commands generated by html2latex

	\item  Go to \href{}{}.
	\item  Click download button and save the file as whichever format you like.
	\item  On your computer go to Drupal $>$ sites $>$ all $>$ modules and create a new folder called 'voyeur'. (NOTE: If these folders do not exist create them in this order)
	\item  Find the file that you downloaded called 'mcds-Voyeur-Drupal-Plugin-xxxxxxx' and copy and paste it into the 'voyeur' folder. (NOTE: the xxxxxxx will be a set of seven random numbers you are assigned when you download voyeur.)
	\item  Log into Drupal using the administrator account.
	\item  On the left hand side click 'Administrator', 'Site Building', and then 'Modules'.
	\item  Scroll down until you see Voyeur.
	\item  Check the 'enable' box beside Voyeur and click 'Save Configuration' at the bottom of the screen.
	\item  To change the settings click on 'Administrator', 'Site Configuration', then 'Voyeur Module Settings'.

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