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[[File:Example.jpg]]==Encoded Archival Description==
Below you can access Research Library Group's EAD Best Practice Guide:
Below you can access Research Library Group's EAD Best Practice Guide:

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Below you can access Research Library Group's EAD Best Practice Guide:


Overview of EAD Structure:

<eadheader> contains information describing the finding aid itself
<frontmatter> contains prefatory matter incorporating information useful for the display or publication of the finding aid
<archdesc> contains description of archival materials and associated administrative and contextual information



  • lanencoding=
  • relatedencoding= (this section is often mapped to Dublin Code for easier search-ability)
  • repositoryencoding=
  • countryencoding=
  • dateencoding=
  • <eadid> (content must uniquely identify the EAD instance, should include at least one of the following: publicid, identifier, or url)
    • countrycode=
    • mainagencycode= (repository code)
    • publicid= (public text owner identifiers?? obsolete?)
    • identifier= (ARK)
    • url=
    • encodinganalog= (maps to URL)
  • <filedesc>
    • <titlestmt>
      • <titleproper> (use for formal title of the finding aid itself and not the title of the fonds or record group being described)
        • encodinganalog=
      • <author> (record the person or institution responsible for the intellectual content of the encoded finding aid)
        • encodinganalog=
    • <publicationstmt>
      • <publisher>
        • encodinganalog=
      • <date>
        • encodinganalog=
        • normal=
      • <address>
        • encodinganalog=


Education and Research Archive

The University of Alberta Libraries [ERA homepage]

ERA deposit ‘how-to’:

an example from the ERA website

Step 1 - about your item

Type of Item
Title or Caption
Author or Creator
Additional Contributors

  • Is this item about:
    • a time?
    • a place?

Description (abstract)
Citation for previous publication (If item has been previously published provide a citation)
Date created
Source (brief information about a physical item from which this item was derived)
Link to related item (must be a url)

Step 2 - Where does this item belong?

Choose a community
Choose a collection

Step 3 - Licensing information

Who should see this item and when should they see it?

  • Everyone
  • University of Alberta Community (CCID-Protected)
  • No-one (for preservation only)
  • embargo date

Choose a license (Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial No-Derivative Works 3.0 Unported)

Step 4 - Add your item

Upload your item

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