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CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide

A working group at the City University of New York (CUNY) has posted a thorough Resource Guide to the Digital Humanities as part of its CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative. The guide covers a range of issues, including theoretical questions, questions of practice, sample projects, and resources, including:

  • conferences
  • journals
  • blogs/Twitter
  • scholarships and other funding sources
  • syllabi
  • tools and methodology

These materials may be useful in guiding some of the questions put forth by our CIRCA group, and are certainly helpful in getting a sense of the field. The Guide is also in wiki format and is being produced collaboratively by the CUNY DHI working group. Sound familiar?

Digital History Presentation

An interesting presentation about the social use of digital history given by Marcin Wilkowski at the Sommerakademie 2010 conference can be viewed here on the <<Histori i Media>> blog, or here on SlideShare. (Although the site is largely Polish, and the conference was largely German, the presentation is in English).

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