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LaTeX code for Digital Humanities Conferences

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	\item \hyperlink{Society_for_Digital_Humanities_.28at_Congress.29}{1Society for Digital Humanities (at Congress)}
	\item \hyperlink{Digital_Humanities_2011_.28Stanford.29}{2Digital Humanities 2011 (Stanford)}
	\item \hyperlink{Digital_Humanities_Summer_Institute_.E2.80.93_DHSI_.28University_of_Victoria.29}{3Digital Humanities Summer Institute ??? DHSI (University of Victoria)}
	\item \hyperlink{Humanities.2BDigital__Visual_Interpretations_Conference_.28MIT.29}{4Humanities+Digital  Visual Interpretations Conference (MIT)}
	\item \hyperlink{MLA_Convention_.28Los_Angeles.29}{5MLA Convention (Los Angeles)}
	\item \hyperlink{Arts.2C_Humanities.2C_and_Complex_Networks_Satellite_Symposium_.28Budapest.29}{6Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks Satellite Symposium (Budapest)}
	\item \hyperlink{Archiving_2011_.28Salt_Lake_City.29}{7Archiving 2011 (Salt Lake City)}
	\item \hyperlink{OpenCulture_2011_.28Manchester.29}{8OpenCulture 2011 (Manchester)}
	\item \hyperlink{International_Conference_on_Digital_Library_Management_.28Kolkata.2C_India.29}{9International Conference on Digital Library Management (Kolkata, India)}
	\item \hyperlink{Ongoing_Listings}{10Ongoing Listings}

\subsection{ Society for Digital Humanities (at Congress) }
	\item 28 May ??? 4 June 2011, University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University
	\item 26 May ??? 2 June 2012, Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo
	\item Conference website \href{}{[1]}

\subsection{ Digital Humanities 2011 (Stanford) }
	\item 19-22 June 2011
	\item Hosted by ADHO (Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations)
	\item Presentations: Posters (abstract max of 1500 words); Short papers (abstract max of 1500 words); Long papers (abstract max of 1500 words); Multiple paper sessions, including panels (overview max of 500 words)
	\item Firm deadline of \textbf{1 November} (electronic submission via website)
	\item Conference website \href{}{[2]}

\subsection{ Digital Humanities Summer Institute ??? DHSI (University of Victoria) }
	\item 6-10 June 2011
	\item Call for presenters, courses not yet made available.
	\item Conference website \href{}{[3]}

\subsection{ Humanities+Digital  Visual Interpretations Conference (MIT) }
	\item 20-22 May 2011
	\item Theme: Aesthetics, Methods, and Critiques of Information Visualization in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
	\item No charge to register
	\item Conference program seems to already be set, based around keynotes by Johanna Drucker, Lev Manovich, Ben Shneidermann, Flowing Media group
	\item Conference website \href{}{[4]}

\subsection{ MLA Convention (Los Angeles) }
	\item The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) sponsors two DH sessions at the MLA
	\item Conference website \href{}{[5]}

\subsection{ Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks Satellite Symposium (Budapest) }
	\item 7 June 2011
	\item Free registration; associated with NetSci2011 conference (\href{}{}.)
	\item Although interdisciplinary, may be highly technical; key questions concern structure of networks, and networks as a mode of thinking and working
	\item Submission deadline \textbf{6 February}: submission should include an abstract of no more than 300 words and one relevant URL
	\item Conference website \href{http://arts}{}

\subsection{ Archiving 2011 (Salt Lake City) }
	\item Society for Imaging Science and Technology)
	\item 16-19 May 2011
	\item Opportunity for imaging scientists and those working in the cultural heritage community (curators, archivists, librarians, etc.), as well as in government, industry, and academia, to come together to discuss the most pressing issues related to the digital preservation and stewardship of hardcopy, audio, and video
	\item Submission deadline \textbf{17 October}
	\item Archiving 2012 to be held 12-15 June 2012 in Copenhagen
	\item Conference website \href{}{[6]}

\subsection{ OpenCulture 2011 (Manchester) }
	\item 7-8 June 2011
	\item Opportunity to network, debate the latest developments in practice and get the inside track on the key issues affecting Collections over the next 5 years
	\item Call for presentations on three Themes: The Strategic Role of Collections; Next-generation Collections Management; Collections Management and the End-User
	\item Conference website \href{}{[7]}

\subsection{ International Conference on Digital Library Management (Kolkata, India) }
	\item 11-13 January 2011
	\item Theme: Extending Benefits of Modern Technology to Public, Academic and Special Libraries
	\item Submission deadline 20 October
	\item Conference website \href{}{[8]}


\subsection{ Ongoing Listings }

For ongoing listings, events, and updates, follow the page at \href{}{HASTAC} (Humanties, Arts, Science, and Techology Advanced Collaboratory) or at \href{}{}.
	\item Download list \href{/index.php/File:Digital_Humanities_Conference_Scan.pdf}{File:Digital Humanities Conference Scan.pdf}

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