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LaTeX code for Delivery

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Delivery is how you will make your game accessible to the intended audience.

\textbf{Rationale}: Delivery is how you will deliver the game to the audience once you have completed it. This involves not only ensuring they have access to play it but teaching them how to play the game.

Though you may have a finished project, it is not as simple as releasing it into the wild and hoping for the intended results. It is necessary to figure out how to get the game to your intended audience and how to teach them how to use it. Otherwise, while your game might be the greatest, the audience may not even try it.

	\item 6.1 How will you deliver the product to your audience?
	\item 6.2 How will they become aware of your project?
	\item 6.3 How will you train the audience to understand and play the game?

\textbf{\href{/index.php/CIRCA:Assessment_Tools}{ Recommended Methods}}:
	\item Demos/Beta-Testing
	\item Usability-Testing
	\item Focus Groups

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