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LaTeX code for Data Curation

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\subsection{ Data Curation }

It may seem strange to think of curation of data as a method, but it is an important activity that is methodical. Without the curation of data it doesn't survive to be used in research and all digitization is done with a view to some sort of use and curation of the resulting data.

-$>$Digital curation involves maintaining, preserving and adding value to digital research data throughout its lifecycle. \href{}{What is digital curation?}

Some things to consider:
	\item  What is data curation and why is it complicated?
	\item  What are the standards you need to know about for curation?
	\item  Who can help you? Who in your institution is responsible for the long term preservation of data? Who currently does it?
	\item  What do organizations like funding councils expect in the way of data curation?
	\item  When in research should data curation issues be considered and how can you weave good curation practices into research practices?
	\item  What are the ethics of preserving data?
	\item  How can you plan for data management? What does a data management plan look like?

\subsubsection{ Resources }
	\item  The UK \href{}{Digital Curation Service} has a lot of useful information including an collection of pages on \href{}{the value of digital curation and what it is}, a \href{}{Data Management Planning Tool}, links on \href{}{Metadata Standards in the Humanities and Social Sciences}, and a database of \href{}{Tools and Services}
	\item  University of Bristol \href{}{Help with Data Management Planning} page includes links to an Introduction and other guides.
	\item \href{}{Seven rules of successful research data management in universities} is a Guardian article posted by Simon Hodson and Sarah Jones


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