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	\item \hyperlink{Courses_in_Other_Programs}{1Courses in Other Programs}
	\item \hyperlink{Art}{1.1Art}
	\item \hyperlink{Art_History}{1.2Art History}
	\item \hyperlink{Comparative_Literature}{1.3Comparative Literature}
	\item \hyperlink{Computing_Science}{1.4Computing Science}
	\item \hyperlink{Music}{1.5Music}
	\item \hyperlink{English_and_Film_Studies}{1.6English and Film Studies}
	\item \hyperlink{Design}{1.7Design}
	\item \hyperlink{Drama}{1.8Drama}
	\item \hyperlink{Earth_and_Atmospheric_Sciences}{1.9Earth and Atmospheric Sciences}
	\item \hyperlink{Psychology}{1.10Psychology}
	\item \hyperlink{Philosophy}{1.11Philosophy}
	\item \hyperlink{Linguistics}{1.12Linguistics}
	\item \hyperlink{Political_Science}{1.13Political Science}
	\item \hyperlink{Sociology}{1.14Sociology}

\subsection{ Courses in Other Programs }

Possible courses for a program in interactive arts.\hypertarget{Art}{}

\subsubsection{ Art }
	\item  ART 134/136/137 Art Fundamentals I and II
	\item  ART 140 Drawing I

\subsubsection{ Art History }
	\item  ART H 101/102 History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture I and II
	\item  ART H 209 Survey of the History of Design
	\item  ART H 210 Survey of the History of Photography
	\item  ART H 249 Visual Culture and Advertising
	\item  ART H 302 Vision and Visuality
	\item  ART H 309 Design Theory and History

\subsubsection{ Comparative Literature }
	\item  C LIT 228 Literature, Popular Culture, and the Visual Arts
	\item  C LIT 242 Science Fiction
	\item  C LIT 352 Relations among Literature, the Arts, Film and the Media
	\item  C LIT 440 Comparative Studies in Popular Culture
	\item  C LIT 474 Studies in the Relationship of Literature and the Visual


\subsubsection{ Computing Science }
	\item  CMPUT 101 Introduction to Computing
	\item  CMPUT 114 Introduction to Computing Science
	\item  CMPUT 115 Programming with Data Structures
	\item  CMPUT 174 Introduction to the Foundations of Computation I
	\item  CMPUT 175 Introduction to the Foundations of Computation II
	\item  CMPUT 201 Practical Programming Methodology
	\item  CMPUT 204 Algorithms I
	\item  CMPUT 206 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
	\item  CMPUT 250 Computers and Games
	\item  CMPUT 291 Introduction to File and Database Management
	\item  CMPUT 302 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
	\item  CMPUT 350 Advanced Games Programming
	\item  CMPUT 414 Introduction to Multimedia Technology
	\item  CMPUT 307 3D Graphics and Animation with 3DS Max
	\item  CMPUT 411 Introduction to Computer Graphics
	\item  CMPUT 412 Experimental Mobile Robotics

\subsubsection{ Music }
	\item  MUSIC 100 Rudiments of Music (Basic Theory - very basic)
	\item  MUSIC 101 Introduction to Western Art Music
	\item  MUSIC 102 Introduction to World Music
	\item  MUSIC 103 Introduction to Popular Music
	\item  MUSIC 280 Introduction to Western Music History
	\item  MUSIC 283 Western Art Music, 1600-1850
	\item  MUSIC 284 Western Art Music, 1850-present
	\item  MUSIC 292 Contemporary Music
	\item  MUSIC 480 Survey of Contemporary Repertoire
	\item  MUSIC 311 Latin America and the Cultures of Popular Music
	\item  MUSIC 314 Canadian Music
	\item  MUSIC 201 Western Music and Contexts
	\item  MUSIC 203 Issues in Popular Music Studies
	\item  MUSIC 206 History of Jazz
	\item  MUSIC 413 Studies in the History of Jazz
	\item  MUSIC 464 Topics in Ethnomusicology: Music and Religion
	\item  MUSIC 465 Area Studies in Ethnomusicology
	\item  MUSIC 466 Topics in Ethnomusicology
	\item  MUSIC 467 Area Studies in Ethnomusicology: India and South Asia
	\item  MUSIC 468 Area Studies in Ethnomusicology: The Arab World
	\item  MUSIC 469 Area Studies in Ethnomusicology: Music and Islam
	\item  MUSIC 481 Studies in Avant-Garde Music
	\item  MUSIC 482 Studies in Music and Gender
	\item  MUSIC 483 Studies in Musical Genre
	\item  MUSIC 484 Studies in Music and Society

	\item  MUSIC x26/x27 Applied Music (lessons for non-BMus students)
	\item  MUSIC X40 Choral Ensemble
	\item  MUSIC X41 Instrumental Ensemble (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, or Orchestra)
	\item  MUSIC X43 Indian Music Ensemble
	\item  MUSIC X44 West African Music Ensemble
	\item  MUSIC X48 Middle Eastern and North African Music Ensemble
	\item  MUSIC X49 Jazz Ensembles
	\item  MUSIC X93 Experimental Improvisation Ensemble

	\item  MUSIC 151/251/451 Aural and Keyboard Skills
	\item  MUSIC 155 Music Theory I (Basic Diatonic Harmony, Voice Leading, etc)
	\item  MUSIC 156 Music Theory II (Chromatic Harmony, etc)
	\item  MUSIC 255 Music Theory III (Counterpoint)
	\item  MUSIC 256 Music Theory IV (Advanced Analysis)
	\item  MUSIC 255 Music Theory V (Theories of music 1900-1950)
	\item  MUSIC 256 Music Theory VI (Analysis of Popular Music)
	\item  MUSIC 258 Music Theory VII (Post 1950 Theory)
	\item  MUSIC 259 Introduction to Composition
	\item  MUSIC 260 Composition
	\item  MUSIC 263 Instrumentation and Arranging
	\item  MUSIC 462 Topics in Orchestration
	\item  MUSIC 463 Orchestration
	\item  MUSIC 245 Intro to Music Technology
	\item  MUSIC 445 Electroacoustic Music
	\item  MUSIC 545 Seminar in Computer Applications to Music

\subsubsection{ English and Film Studies }
	\item  ENGL 199 Essentials of Writing for Engineers
	\item  ENGL 126 Reading Popular Culture 
	\item  ENGL 303 Computing Technology and Culture: Cyberculture
	\item  FS 100 Introduction to Film Study
	\item  FS 215 Introduction to Film Theory
	\item  FS 318 The Science Fiction Film

\subsubsection{ Design }
	\item  DES 135/138/139 Design Fundamentals
	\item  DES 300/301 Foundations of Industrial Design I and II
	\item  DES 302 Introduction to Visual Presentation I and II
	\item  DES 384 Introduction to Integrative Design
	\item  DES 393/394 Foundations of Visual Communication Design I and II
	\item  DES 396 Introduction to Research and Theory in Design
	\item  DES 497 Advanced Typography
	\item  DES 498 Information Design

\subsubsection{ Drama }
	\item  DRAMA 461 Script Writing

\subsubsection{ Earth and Atmospheric Sciences }
	\item  EAS 492 Geographical Information Systems for Social Science

\subsubsection{ Psychology }
	\item  PSYCO 357 Language Processing\nolinebreak?
	\item  PSYCO 415 Qualitative Methods in Sociocultural Psychology\nolinebreak?
	\item  PSYCO 381 Principles of Learning, and PSYCO 385 Applications of Learning\nolinebreak?
	\item  PSYCO 494 Human Factors and Ergonomics
	\item  PSYCO 414 Advanced Methods: Monte Carlo Techniques (AI)
	\item  PSYCO 452 Minds and Machines (AI)

\subsubsection{ Philosophy }
	\item  PHIL 120 Symbolic Logic I\nolinebreak?
	\item  PHIL 220 Symbolic Logic II\nolinebreak?
	\item  PHIL 265 Philosophy of Science\nolinebreak?
	\item  PHIL 412 Topics in Philosophy of Science\nolinebreak?
	\item  PHIL 365 Philosophy of Computing
	\item  PHIL 366 Computers and Culture

\subsubsection{ Linguistics }
	\item  LING 111 Intro to Linguistic Analysis for Language Revitalization\nolinebreak?
	\item  LING 102 Introduction to Linguistics II (or other intro?)\nolinebreak?
	\item  LING 314 Discourse Analysis\nolinebreak?
	\item  LING 323 Linguistics and the Mind\nolinebreak?
	\item  LING 325 Writing Systems\nolinebreak?
	\item  LING 513 Speech Technology
	\item  LING 519 Corpus Linguistics
	\item  LING 520 Computational Linguistics
	\item  LING 619 Methods in Corpus Linguistics (Grad)

\subsubsection{ Political Science }

None that I can find.\hypertarget{Sociology}{}

\subsubsection{ Sociology }
	\item  SOC 226 Social Studies of Surveillance
	\item  SOC 344 Media Culture and Society
	\item  SOC 462 Science and Society
	\item  SOC 477 Media and Cultural Globalization: Theory and Practice

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