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This page outlines the Project management course I teach, HuCo 530 Project Design & Management in Humanities Computing

->Course Description: Humanities Computing research is unlike traditional humanities research in many respects: the scope of projects usually extends beyond the single-scholar research model, the computer tools needed for research are expensive and the technology changes rapidly, electronic publishing is a largely unknown and expensive undertaking rarely tackled by conventional print publishers, and electronic research requires updating and maintenance beyond project funding. This course will prepare students for the various aspects of designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining a Humanities Computing research project.



What is a project?

Types of Projects in DH

Communication in a Project

Starting a Project

  • Pitching a Project

Planning a Project

  • Project Plans
  • Timelines

Estimating Projects

Managing a Project

Ending a Project

Data Curation and Data Management Plans

Managing People

  • Hiring people

Project Management Strategies

  • Agile Project Management

Tools and Resources

  • Project Management Tools
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