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Chung-Li Comments on another Students Draft

  • Chung-Li has finished her draft assignment decides to comment on the draft of one or two others.
  • She clicks the Comments tab and sees a list of draft essays by others in her group that have been submitted.
  • She picks a draft by Janice that that tackled a similar version of the assignment as she did.
  • She gets a screen with two panes. One is the Comment pane with the questions that she should answer already in the field. The second is the draft by Janice she is commenting.
  • The first question asks "What is the thesis and is it a good one?" She isn't sure what a thesis is so she goes to the Writing Help and finds the short video ideas prepared on the subject. She watches those and follows two or three of the links. She particularly likes the Help page giving examples of good and bad thesis statements with explanations. She finds that one example is similar to what she think she can say about Janice's draft.
  • She then combs through Janice's draft until she finds the thesis statement. She selects it, copies it, and pastes it into the Comment and tries to explain how it could be better. She even tries rewriting it to be less vague.
  • After she has finished her comments she hits the Done button and is rewarded with a "Your First Comment" badge. She likes how the badge appears on the chest of the polar bear she chose as her avatar.
  • A week later she notices that her comment was marked as "Helpful" by Janice and the TA also gave it 3 stars! Not bad. She might make a good peer tutor.
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