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LaTeX code for Canadian Copyright Law

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Canadian Copyright Law is set out in the \href{}{Copyright Act (1985)}. There are a number of notable \href{}{exceptions} for educational institutions, libraries, archives, and research activity, most recently set out as a body of amendments in 1999. Currently, these exceptions are to be extended and additional consideration of digital media usage for both creation and distribution is to be added to the law via \href{}{Bill C-32 (2010)}, known as the "Copyright Modernization Act."

The linked document pulls out the relevant sections of Canadian copyright legislation as it relates to general guidelines, use for research, copying for educational use, and copying for archival usage - including digitization. As well, I recommend consulting \href{}{Digital Copyright Canada} for a useful glossary of terms and provocative discussion of the theoretical implications of their usage from the perspective of the digital humanities.
	\item \href{/index.php/File:Copyright_Review.pdf}{File:Copyright Review.pdf}

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