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(Tentative) Assessment Framework Questions


Who are the stakeholders?

  • Who is the targeted audience for the game?
    • What will the audience take away from the game?
  • What would motivate interest from different stakeholder groups?
  • Is there a market or test group available, already existing or in demand?
    • Can the project match or work alongside another project?


  • What is the main purpose of the project?
  • What are the stakeholders’ main goals?
    • Can one stakeholder’s expectations be met while meeting another’s?
      • What would be the requirements of success?
  • What is deliverable?


  • What’s the game’s difficulty level, to play or run the game?
    • Is it possible to adapt the game’s difficulty without lessening or sacrificing our own goals?
  • What is the length of time it would take to build and test the game?
    • What is the length of time it would take to run it?
      • Is there a deadline? Or can this project be delayed?
  • If the project is repeatable, will we learn new things or benefit from running the game again?
  • Is there previous work, either ours or another group’s, in this area?
  • How long should the project be able to last?
    • What are possible methods of sustainability?


  • Who and how do we want to give or receive feedback?
  • What would be the most efficient method - time and resource wise - of gathering assessment data?
    • Should there be multiple feedback tools available?
  • Can the game run and stand in itself?

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