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	\item \hyperlink{Articles_and_Blogs_Related_to_Program_Managment}{1Articles and Blogs Related to Program Managment}
	\item \hyperlink{Articles_about_Canadian_Patents}{2Articles about Canadian Patents}
	\item \hyperlink{Program_management_tools}{3Program management tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Surveys}{4Surveys}
	\item \hyperlink{Tools}{5Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Dropbox_Tutorials}{6Dropbox Tutorials}

\subsection{Articles and Blogs Related to Program Managment}
	\item \textbf{How to be a program manager} by Joel Spolsky: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{How to make complex things less complex}, by Bas de Baar: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Herding Cats} by Glenn B. Alleman: \href{}{\_weblog/}
	\item \textbf{PM Karma}, \textit{Thew 5 goals of a Project Manager},by Jason Westland: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{The Tao of Project Management}, by John Carroll: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Cuttings Edge Project Management}, \textit{Communicating what Matters} by Thomas Cutting: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Ravens Brain}, by Raven Young: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Zen, Project Management, and Life}, by Bob Tarne: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{How to Manage a Camel}, from the Arras People: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Agile Project Management} by Patrick Merg: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Fear No Project ??? A Project Management Blog}by Bruce McGraw: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Digital Humanities Questions \& Answers}, \textit{Best DH project-management system?} posted by Miriam Posner: \href{}{}


\subsection{Articles about Canadian Patents}
	\item \textbf{University of Alberta's page on Intellectual Property: \href{}{}}
	\item \textbf{Patenting in the Great White North: Canadian Patent Law for U.S. Businesses}: By Philip A. Swain, Ph.D.- Patent Agent- Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{A Guide to Patents} By the Business Development Center: \href{}{\_registration.htm}
	\item \textbf{Acadia University's Page on Intellectual Property}:\href{}{}

\subsection{Program management tools}\hypertarget{Surveys}{}

	\item Quickker\href{|Quickker}{[1]} ??? Create surveys, manage respondents, track responses
	\item Qualtrics - \href{|Qualtrics}{[2]} cloud-based survey, free account
	\item KissInsights - \href{|KissInsights}{[3]} survey visitors while they surf your site
	\item Wufoo - \href{|Wufoo}{[4]}- create contact forms, online surveys and event registrations.
	\item Poplytics ??? \href{|Poplytics}{[5]} online surveys and analytics
	\item SurveyMonkey - \href{|SurveyMonkey}{[6]} granddaddy of on-line surveys
	\item Amazon Mechanical Turk - \href{|Amazon}{Mechanical Turk} you can set up a question and get answers
	\item PickFu ??? \href{|PickFu}{[7]} A/B testing \$5 for 50 opinions


	\item Dropbox \href{}{[8]}??? store, sync, and, share files online 
	\item Google Apps \href{}{[9]}??? Email, Chat, Docs
	\item Skype \href{}{[10]}- free voice and video communication tool
	\item Campfire \href{}{[11]}??? team collaboration
	\item Slideshare \href{}{[12]}??? share Powerpoints and docs with customers
	\item Ning \href{}{[13]}??? Create your own social network
	\item Yammer \href{}{[14]}??? free enterprise social network
	\item Doodle \href{}{[15]} ??? online group scheduling
	\item \href{}{[16]} ??? Free conference calls
	\item Syncpad \href{}{[17]}??? collaborative whiteboard

\subsection{Dropbox Tutorials}
	\item \textbf{The Official Tour}:\href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Live Internet News Dropbox Tutorial}:\href{}{}
	\item \textbf{15 Hacks Every Dropbox User Should Know}: \href{}{\_things\_you\_have\_know\_about\_dropbox}
	\item \textbf{Bobby Wong's Slideshare Tutorial}:\href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Create a Static Website with Dropbox}:\href{}{}

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