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==Early Considerations==
*[[CIRCA: Needs Document Example|Needs Document Example]]
==Example Items to Be Archived==
==Example Items to Be Archived==
*[[File:CCH, Ontario Humanities Computing 1.4, newsletter, 1987.pdf]]
*[[File:CCH, Ontario Humanities Computing 1.4, newsletter, 1987.pdf]]

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Early Considerations

Example Items to Be Archived

Validated XML Metadata Documents

Metadata Example

Element Definition Example
Title The name the project gives to the document to distinguish it in the archive. Descriptive name. CCH, Ontario Humanities Computing 1.4, newsletter, 1987
creatorTitle A name given to a resource by its creator. Ontario Humanities Computing 1.4
creatorOriginal The person responsible for the creation of the resource in its original form. CCH, Willard McCarty Editor
digitalRecordCreator The person responsible for the the creation of the digital form of the resource. Alicia Hibbert
recordCreator The person responsible for the creation of the archive record. Victoria Smith
subject The topic of the resource (key words, phrases), separated by coma. Ontario Humanities Computing, OHC, Ontario Consortium for COmputer and the Humanities, OCCH, Centre for Computers in the Humanities
description An account of the resource (an abstract, table of contents)/information about the subject matter. Issue 1.4 of Ontario Humanities Computing
physicalDescription Physical characteristics and technical requirement of original. Medium condition. 8 pages
originals Provide details of the originals including physical location, medium, condition. Narrative field. The original document from Ian Lancashire's personal collection
notes General note.
publicationInformation If resource has been published provide account. Published by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH) at the University of Toronto, December 1987
archivedVersionHistory To keep track of versions of resource in the archive.
dateOrigination Date of the origination of the resource. 1987-12-XX
dateCollection Date the resource in question entered the collection.
dateDigitization Date of digitization
documentType The nature or genre of the resource. Example letter, memo, meeting. We need a controlled thesaurus. Newsletter
electronicFormat Extent and medium of unit of description. Archived version. We need to create a controlled thesaurus. PDF, 8 pages
provenance A related resource or organization fro which the described resource is derived. Ontario Consortium for Computers in the Humanities
language Controlled thesaurus. English
relatedMaterials A related resource in the archive. CCH, Canadian Humanities Computing 2.3-4, newsletter, 1988
coverage The spatial or temporal topic of the resource. Humanities Computing in English Canada, December 1987
identifier An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context (a unique identifier). ERA uses a system called the Handle system to assign permanent identifiers.
rights Information about the rights held in and over the resource. Public Access
access Use for conditions governing access. Public Use
use Use for conditions governing use.

XML Examples

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