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Advocacy Guide Outline

What's At Stake

Describes the funding and support issues prevalent in the Humanities

Brief History of the Humanities

Describes the historical 'splitting' of the Arts and Sciences

Arguments FOR and AGAINST

Covers the arguments both in support of the Humanities as well as those with a negative view

Arguments For the Humanities

Ernesto Priego: “These must be truly apocalyptic times if there is a need to explain why the humanities matter”

“Humanities" is a very general term that refers to the enquiry into what makes us human. Why are we here? What do we do with the time we have on the world? What is our relationship with the planet and the tools and products of human ingenuity, physical dexterity and intellect? What can we learn from the past and the present in order to have a better future for all? These questions have been replaced by what is perceived as more immediate problems, such as how to make more money for the happy few or how to preserve the privilege of the already-privileged." - Ernesto Priego

  1. learn from, and build on, history, and lessons learned through history.
  2. fulfill democracy’s need for citizens who can think independently
  3. learn how to think creatively and critically, to reason, and to ask questions.
  4. help us understand the world we live in by exploring our connection to it.
  5. provide the ability to envision the future by drawing connections to the past.
  6. provide meaning to the empirical fact, provide insight beyond simple categories.
  7. allow innovation & vision in science, politics and business through context
  8. provide an ethical context for determining law and societal frameworks
  9. to develop linguistic competency towards broader communications
  10. provide an ethical framework for biological and scientific exploration
  11. statistics posit that humanities graduates do incredibly well professionally

Arguments for the Humanities

  1. Why the Humanities Matter: A Commonsense Approach
  2. WHY THE HUMANITIES MATTER~ in response to the "crisis," let's respond
  3. Why Do the Humanities Matter? Answers from the 2002 St. Francis College Humanities Day
  4. The Case for History and the Humanities
  5. In defence of the humanities

Preparing for Advocacy

Describes the important factors to consider when undergoing an advocacy campaign for the Humanities


How-to advocate: tactics and strategies


Other organizations and venues for support of the Humanities

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