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LaTeX code for Advanced Tools

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Here is a list of more advanced tools that can be useful for projects. See also the \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Basic_Digital_Humanities_Technologies}{ Basic Digital Humanities Technologies}.

	\item \hyperlink{Optical_Character_Recognitions_Tools}{1Optical Character Recognitions Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Editing_and_Transcription_Tools}{2Editing and Transcription Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Web_Development_Tools}{3Web Development Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Graphic_Design_Tools}{4Graphic Design Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Interface_Design_Tools}{5Interface Design Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Audio_and_Video_Tools}{6Audio and Video Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Content_Management_Systems}{7Content Management Systems}
	\item \hyperlink{Programming_Languages}{8Programming Languages}
	\item \hyperlink{Development_Tools_.28Tools_used_to_develop_software.29}{9Development Tools (Tools used to develop software)}

\subsection{ Optical Character Recognitions Tools }
	\item  Terreract - \href{}{}
	\item  OCRopus - \href{}{}
	\item  OmniPage - \href{}{}

\subsection{ Editing and Transcription Tools }
	\item  CWRC-Writer (still in development)
	\item  oXygen - affordable XML editor
	\item  T-Pen - transcription tool - \href{}{}

\subsection{ Web Development Tools }
	\item  Dreamweaver can be used to create web pages and manage web sites.
	\item  FTP tools like Fugu that can be used to put files up on servers.

\subsection{ Graphic Design Tools }
	\item  Photoshop

\subsection{ Interface Design Tools }
	\item  AxureShare is a tool for creating and sharing interface designs - \href{}{}

\subsection{ Audio and Video Tools }
	\item  Final Cut Pro

\subsection{ Content Management Systems }
	\item  Omeka
	\item  Drupal
	\item  WordPress

\subsection{ Programming Languages }
	\item  PHP
	\item  Ruby

\subsection{ Development Tools (Tools used to develop software) }
	\item  [\href{}{| GitHub}] is a free environment for open source projects (you can pay for accounts for private projects.) It has team management features, issue tracking, a wiki and code review tools. 


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