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LaTeX code for A/B Testing

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	\item \hyperlink{Definition}{1Definition}
	\item \hyperlink{Conversion_Rate}{2Conversion Rate}
	\item \hyperlink{Examples}{3Examples}
	\item \hyperlink{Steps}{4Steps}
	\item \hyperlink{Tips}{5Tips}
	\item \hyperlink{Companies_well-known_for_using_A.2FB_Testing}{6Companies well-known for using A/B Testing}
	\item \hyperlink{A.2FB_Testing_Tools}{7A/B Testing Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{References}{8References}

\subsection{ Definition }

An experimental approach to web design (especially user experience design), which aims to identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest. (Wikipedia)

A/B Testing is a simple way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive result. It is a method to validate that any new design or change to an element on your webpage is improving your conversion rate before you make that change to your site code. (\textit{Optimizely}: What is A/B Testing)\hypertarget{Conversion_Rate}{}

\subsection{Conversion Rate }

In internet marketing, the conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to a website who take action to go beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators.\href{/index.php/File:Conversion_rate.png}{


\subsection{ Examples }

A/B Testing on eBay:\href{/index.php/File:Comparison.png}{

\href{}{Video: How A/B Testing tools work (Visual Website Optimizer)}\hypertarget{Steps}{}

\subsection{ Steps }
	\item Determine a target
	\item Come up with hypothesis of factors
	\item Build a variation page
	\item Show the two pages randomly to users. 
	\item Compare conversion rate of both sites.

\subsection{ Tips }
	\item Test your software: Before you do the A/B testing, do an A/A testing first.
	\item Focus on one goal per page: More than one goal will mix the testing result.
	\item Test small elements: Small elements can also bring amazing conversion rate.
	\item Do not expect large results from small changes: If all testing results are not satisfying, maybe it is time to change the whole interface. A/B testing is not omnipotence for developing conversion rate.
	\item A/B Testing has its limitations: It only gives data, reasons are not included.

\subsection{ Companies well-known for using A/B Testing }
	\item BBC
	\item eBay
	\item Google
	\item Microsoft
	\item LogMeln
	\item Netflix
	\item Platdom
	\item Zynga

\subsection{ A/B Testing Tools }
	\item \href{}{Google Analytics Content Experiments}
	\item \href{}{Visual Website Optimizer}
	\item \href{}{Amazon A/B Testing}
	\item ABinator

\subsection{ References }

\href{}{Wikipedia: A/B Testing}
\\\href{}{Optimizely: What is A/B Testing}
\\\href{}{23 tips on how to A/B testing like a badass}
\\Bella Martin, Bruce Hanington. (2012). Universal Methods of Design. Rockport Publishers.
\\\href{}{Seven A/B testing mistakes you need to stop making in 2013}
\\\href{}{Wikipedia: Conversion rate}

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