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This is out of 8 people.

  • 5 people liked Cirrus.
  • 5 people liked Frequency Grid.
  • 4 people thought Links was useful, while one person did not like Links.
  • 3 people thought Summary was good and 1 person thought it was not useful.
  • 2 people liked Reader.
  • 2 people thought Reader was not effective since it was too small.
  • 2 people thought the window was too small.
  • One person liked that you could scrape particular issues in an article.
  • One person did not like the diffusion of tools.
  • One person found it hard to see the functionality of the tool.

  • 5 people would like searchability or link ability for articles.
  • 2 people would find a concordance useful.
  • One person would like the Links to navigate between articles in the entire journal.
  • One person would like a tool to conduct text analysis on all articles in journal.
  • One person would like a trend list to find trends in a particular field.
  • One person would like summary to link to an article.
  • One person would like collocates.
  • One person would like Voyeur on Omeca.
  • One person would like more visualizations.
  • One person would like link analysis.
  • One person would like a TEI wrapper.
  • One person would like a personography/placeography markup.

  • 2 people would like the visualizations to bring all 6 tools together.
  • One person said readers are suspicious of text analysis since it is seen as a bibliographical searching.
  • One person said there are too many options that will overwhelm users.
  • One person said it was good for quantitative research.
  • One person said it would be better if based in the cloud.
  • One person said it needs more robust digitization tools.
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