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Hi, My name is Ashley Moroz and I am a Humanities Computing graduate student from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. In our project, Viral Analytics, we are looking at how publishers like you would like tools for embedding to be designed.

A quick look at online analytic tools available to digital humanities scholars indicates that almost all efforts are limited to a Web 1.0 paradigm of providing resources: users are expected go to individual sites and use the resources in situ. For instance, MONK ( is a powerful data mining application for literary analysis, but all operations on done on the site itself. The TAPoR Portal is a unique aggregation of online tools located elsewhere on the web, but again it relies on users accessing the tools through a single point of access. We need to understand how best to integrate analytic modules into content provided by digital humanities projects.

In order to determine what tools editors would like embedded in their journal or blog we would like to conduct a short 30 minute interview with you. The interview will be done over skype sometime in December. If you would like to take part in our study, please email me back so I can send you a consent form and set up the interview date.

Thank you for your time,

Ashley Moroz

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