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These are the additional features that came up in the interviews.

  • A tool that allows you to search or summarize articles in the entire journal.
  • The tool would be better if it was “able to pull up words in context, such as a concordance.”
  • It would be nice if the tool came up as a stable pre-formed page with many tools displayed at the same time. The search on frequency grid and cirrus should be pre-run and displayed once the page is opened. The tools should then be separated down the page similar to Google Books.
  • eVoyeur would be better with a TEI wrapper and personography and placeography markup.
  • The tool should be capable of processing unstructured data with both XML and HTML.
  • Someone would like to see a more robust set of digitalization tools for text analysis.
  • It would also be good to look at text in multiple versions and see the differences between versions.
  • A visualization tool to bring together all 5 tools would be useful.
  • Name and entity recognition would be important.
  • If the tool could be used effectively in an archive it would be better.
  • It would be nice for it to break down authors and themes in articles.
  • Links to see connections between articles in the entire journal would be useful so you can see issues throughout the entire journal.
  • Better searchability or linkability would be good.
  • It would be nice to take all the data in the journal and conduct text analysis.
  • A trend list to find trends in a particular field would be useful.
  • Someone is interested in discourse, how authors speak of topics and how it changed over time or change between institutions.

Is eVoyeur useful?

  • Someone would like the tool to do more such as collocates and concordances.
  • eVoyeur is useful if you want to do more quantitative research.
  • It would be better if it were entirely web based and located in the cloud.
  • eVoyeur would be useful but most readers are suspicious of the text analysis route.
  • They see it as bibliographic searching and giving the user too many options without asking them if they want the tools may overwhelm the user.
  • Voyeur should have an API or be integrated in the interface.
  • The tools should be XML aware in order to be valuable.
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