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Demonstrate Voyeur in Drupal, Wordpress and OJS

Voyeur is an embeddable tool capable of performing text analysis on the site. The current tool can perform cirrus, frequency grid, links, reader, and summary. Cirrus is a word cloud where the most frequent words in the document are displayed. Frequency Grid shows the overall word frequencies for the entire corpus as well as information about how word frequencies are spread out over documents within the corpus. Links finds collocates for words and displays links between them using a force directed graph. This is like a web where all words are a different color depending on which post there are the most hits (places where the word appears). With the reader all posts are color coded on the left hand side of Voyeur. By navigating through the left side bar you can read all the posts one by one. Summary gives you the longest and shortest document, highest vocabulary density, most frequent words, notable peaks in frequency and distinctive words.

Methodology of interviews

In order to determine what tools would be useful in the embedded Voyeur tool we conducted interviews with journal and blog editors. Before the interview a pdf explaining the Voyeur tool was sent to the interviewee. This pdf gave a quick summary of how Voyeur is displayed in OJS and a brief description of the various tools. The interviews were conducted over skype and questions were asked about what they liked about the Voyeur tool and what kinds of text analysis tools would be useful to their audiences.

Results of interviews

5 out of 8 people liked Cirrus. 5 out of 8 people liked Frequency Grid. 4 out of 8 people thought links was useful, while one person did not like links. 2 people liked reader and 2 people thought it was not effective since it was too small. 3 people thought Summary was good and 1 person thought it was not useful. 2 people thought the window was too small. One person liked that you could scrape particular issues in an article. One person did not like the diffusion of tools. One person found it hard to see the functionality of the tool.

2 people would find a concordance useful. One person would like the Links to navigate between articles. 5 people would like searchability or link ability for articles. One person would like a tool to conduct text analysis on all articles in journal. One person would like a trend list to find trends in a particular field. One person would like summary to link to an article. One person would like collocates. One person would like Voyeur on Omeca. One person would like more visualizations. One person would like link analysis. One person would like a TEI wrapper. One person would like a personography/placeography markup.

One person said readers are suspicious of text analysis since it is seen as a bibliographical searching. One person said there are too many options that will overwhelm users. One person said it was good for quantitative research. One person said it would be better if based in the cloud. One person said it needs more robust digitization tools. 2 people would like visulizations to bring together all 6 tools.

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