CIRCA:Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Jan. 14th, 2011


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  • write a proposal for paper due end of May SDH-SEMI.
  • give title, problem and how we will solve problem. Look at abstracts for DH conferences. Pitch first paragraph. Therefore in this paper we will ... (points)
  • background, tool, assessment methodology, results, conclude with next steps.
  • demonstrate the software - describe software. In the presentation I will ...
  • change screenshot to article instead of table of contents
  • get unpublished article from Geoffrey to show.
  • change title to Journal of Viral Analytics
  • journal issue is embedding analytic tools
  • what is viral analytics
  • create pdf of images and page for editors to see easily
  • remove bubbles
  • cirrus, frequency grid, links, frequency gird
  • give people idea of what they could do.
  • options and reveal button should go to the bottom.
  • check for certificate on hero
  • contact Corey with updates.
  • ACM plugin
  • social software
  • viral articles
  • look for references in grant proposal
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