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Contacting Journals

  • Initial email This contains the email message and consent form sent to the journal/blog editors for the initial interview.
  • Journals to be Contacted This is a list of journals/blogs that we will be interviewing.
  • Protocol This is the step by step procedure of the project
  • Second Questionnaire This is a copy of the questionnaire we will send the editors six months after Voyeur is embedded in their journal/blog.


  • Embedding Voyeur This page gives a summary of how to embed Voyeur into your site and how users can use the embedded Voyeur.
  • eVoyeur Bugs This page has a list of bugs that I found in eVoyeur.
  • Additional Features These are the additional features that our interviewees thought would be good to incorporate into eVoyeur.
  • Paper Proposal This page is my paper proposal to SDH-SEMI.
  • Paper This page is my paper we will be sending in for publication.


Meeting Notes

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