CIRCA:Version 2.0 Feature List


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Initial Features

  • Accounts (Admin accounts, Instructor accounts, and User accounts)
  • Classes - A model where a teacher creates a class of users. She can add, delete and resent passwords for her users. She can see their work and comment on it.
  • In account you see two fields - the editorial field and the writing. Provide simple web editing.
  • Ability for Instructor to see the writing panel and to comment in a third panel.

Expected Next Generation

  • More complex commenting.
  • Ability to have peer comments.
  • Ability to have projects with multiple "Tasks" each with their own.
  • Metrics (words, ....) Gamification stuff. Badges.
  • Skins
  • Export abilities
  • Ability to get an account created automatically
  • Ability to manage accounts (for admin)
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