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Home Page

The home page presents you, the volunteer, with the project. Dr. Natalie Kononenko provided the information about the project that discusses the audio recordings and the funding by SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). The text and pictures are there to establish the ethnic importance and verify the validity of this project. Participants login from the main page, enter your user name a password in the login box on the right side of the screen. The navigation bar is at the top of the page, linking to the “About,” “Help,” “Contact Us,” and the “Sound Files” pages.

Main Page Login

About Page

The About page is there to inform and encourage new volunteers to the project. We explain exactly what volunteers have the freedom to do when working with the recordings on the website. Volunteers can translate and/or transcribe the audio recordings on clips that only they have access to. Anonymity is chosen or refused by you the participant, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident working with us. The work that you finish will be published on the website, making you a part of Ukrainian cultural continuation.

About Page

Sound Files Index page

The index page gives you three classifications of audio files to view: songs, stories, and beliefs. We provide the topics in both English and Ukraine to create accessibility for all volunteers, and establish authenticity and the importance of the projects cultural implications.

Sound Files Index Page

Sound Files

This page is viewable by everyone; allowing us to promote the uniqueness of the project and the recordings. It will also give the work you do a larger audience to appreciate the transcriptions or translations that you have completed for the project because they will be posted on this page by the original sound recording, once edited. The image below provides a look at the songs available to translate and/or transcribe. You can listen to the audio before you decide if you want to work on a song, you can play the recording right there on that page.

Sound Files Page

My Clips

This page shows you the clips that you have checked out. To work on these recordings, you click on the “Edit” option in the far right column of the audio clips. If you have checked out multiple clips and are having trouble deciding which one to work on you can click on the play button. Listen to the files right on you my clip page.

My Clips Page

Edit Clips

This is where volunteers transcribe and/or translate the audio clips, once they have signed them out. The sound player is at the top of the page (please refer to the Help potion of the manual for more information). We also provide a space where volunteers can enter keywords about the song, story of belief they are working on. This lets you draw from any cultural history or themes that you have noticed in the clip you have been working on. The text boxes are where you will translate or transcribe while listening to the recording. To save the work you have completed there is a save button at the bottom of the screen, and right beside it is the submit button. Once you have completed a transcription and/or translation and are comfortable with the work you have done, press this and it will be securely sent to Dr. Natalie Kononenko and Maryna Chernyavska, who will then edit it. If at any time you run into a problem then the links on the left side of the page are there to help you. You can contact the administrators of this site with questions, comments, and problems that you wish to be answered or solved. We want you to work easily and happily throughout this project.

Edit Clips Page

Need to Add Help, Contact, etc. Once the pages are done

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