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Voyeur taken from Stéfan Sinclair's blog

Voyeur is a web-based text analysis tool. This tool allows you to use texts in a variety of formats such as plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF and MS Word. By using the tool you can perform lexical analysis such as studying the frequency and distribution of data. Voyeur can be embedded live into remote websites that can accompany or complement your own content.


Embedded tools from the Globalization Compendium

TAPoRware is separated into the different formats; html, xml, plain text and other formats. By clicking a category, such as concordance, you are able to upload your document or URL to the TaPorware tool. By clicking another tool, your document or URL remain uploaded until you change it. The TAPoRware tools can be embedded into remote websites. The example shown is the text analysis tools embedded into the Globalization Compendium, where anyone can perform multiple text analysis tools on the documents.


TAToo of

TAToo (Text Analysis for me Too) is an embeddable flash widget which provided TaPor analytics for the page it resides. TAToo is also a Wordpress plugin which installs a drag and drop widget for wordpress.

Tag Crowd

Tag Crowd of this page

A Tag Crowd is a web application using a tag cloud to visualize the frequency of data. Tag Crowd goes beyond what a tag cloud does in that it can be used as topic summaries for speeches and written works, as blog tool or website analysis for search engine optimization, for data mining a text corpus, for helping writers and students reflect on their work, and many more functions.


Wordle of this page

Wordle is a type of customizable tag cloud from text that you provide. Wordle allows you to modify your clouds font, layout and color scheme.

Alchemy API

Alchemy API of this page

AlchemyAPI utilizes statistical natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms to analyze your content, extracting semantic meta-data: information about people, places, companies, topics, languages, and more. Some of the tools Alchemy API provides is named entity extraction, concept tagging, keyword extraction, structured data extraction, microformats parsing, and more.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to view your Google analytics data in your wordpress blog. The tool allows you to view the number of visits to your site, top searches, top posts, and top referrers to your site.

Worldlogger Live Web Analytics

Wordlogger from Google Analytics

Wordlogger shows you live your web statistics such as real time visitor statistics, geo locations, top referrers, top content, goal tracking, and social media monitoring.


Outbrain from the Discovery Channel

The Outbrain widget recommendation system personalizes links for every reader using contextual analysis and collaborative filtering to look through all the content and select the best four or five links to show at a time. Outbrain also provides links to related articles on other sites expanding the reader base.

Drupal Keyword Research

Keyword Research tool from drupal website The Keyword Research tool for Drupal helps you explore, analyze and select better keywords for your content. This tool provides reports on the keywords popularity assisting in the publisher to determine which keywords would be most easily searched for in google or other search engines.

Drupal Alchemy

Alchemy from drupal website The Drupal Alchemy tool provides many services from the Alchemy API website such as keyword, concept and entity extraction. In the Keyword extraction, the tool extracts keywords from node and page content that are useful for SEO. In the concept extraction, it is similar to how the keywords are extracted, but capable of abstraction and understanding how concepts relate and tagging accordingly. In the entity extraction, the tool extracts terms related to people, companies, organizations, cities, geographic features. All of these features also has a relevance rating determining how relevant it is on the page.

Drupal Cumulus

Cumulus from drupal website

Cumulus allows you to display your site's tags using Flash that rotates them beautifully in 3D. It works like a regular tag cloud, but is more visually exciting.



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