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Resources is the availability of resources.

Rationale: It is important to know before and during the project, especially before actually planning or building your game. What your resources are and how to manage them is crucial to determining if the project can fulfill primary goals, fulfill obligations, and allow for enough methods and alternatives to create a strong game.

It is almost inevitable that, during the design process, you are going to lose resources and not have access to everything to create your ideal project. You may start with an outline of what you need but as you continue, you find you can't acquire some resources in time for your deadlines, the costs are too high, or even a key resource is no longer available. In order to have enough time to accommodate, it's necessary to track available resources throughout the entire project.

  • 3.1 What resources are required to do the project?
  • 3.2 How will you get the required resources?
  • 3.3 How will you account to stakeholders for the resources they have provided?
  • 3.4 How will you deal with the loss of resources?

Recommended Methods :

Charters, Interviews, Standardized Criteria, Digitization, Rational Planning Model.

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