CIRCA:Rafael Capurro's “Intercultural Information Ethics: Foundations and Applications.”


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Capurro, Rafael. “Intercultural Information Ethics: Foundations and Applications.” Signo y Pensiamento 28.55(2009): 66-79.

In his article Capurro provides a theoretical and philosophical framework for the study of Intercultural Information Ethics (IIE). IIE examines the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on different cultures, and explores the opposing perspectives on local versus “global information ethics.” Capurro, however, only discusses the idea of privacy in East Asian countries and mentions other issues such as: online communities, governmentality, gender, mobile phones, health care, and the digital divide, that need scholarly attention from the IIE perspective. The greatest challenge of the IIE is balancing the need for some degree of moralistic uniformity or “universality of values,” that is sensitive to cultural diversity without being oppressive or too relativistic.
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