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These are the new personas developed for GWrit by Rockwell, Chartier, Graves and Graves. These are focused on users of GWrit that are part of a large course.

Virgil Irwin

  • First year student in Science. Native Albertan. Grew up in a small town (Vulcan.) Is not a Trekkie!
  • Hates Shakespeare. Knows that they need to improve their writing, but not interested in literature. Taking WRS 101.
  • Is taking the course because they want to be able to write lab reports, literature reviews, and so on.
  • Won’t go to writing centre for help.

Virgil Scenarios


  • English is not native language. Chinese. Came over 2 years ago. Completed bridging programme, but struggling with NA academic essay as a genre.
  • Taking WRS 101. In a separate section of the class for second language student.
  • In Business. Motivated because they want to work in international business.
  • They are tempted to imitate when writing new genres. They don’t know what’s involved in writing an academic essay.
  • Goes to CfW to get help.

Chung-Li Scenarios


  • English is her first language. Did well in English. Thinking of majoring in English.
  • Took first year English (124) and did well, but wasn’t challenged. So she decides to try WRS 101.
  • Very competent. Does everything well. Figures stuff out quickly.
  • Not very computer-savy, but very language savy.
  • Might be interested in becoming a peer-tutor.

Jennifer Scenarios


  • Majored in Engineering and now is middle management in a firm.
  • Annoyed with the quality of writing she is seeing in incoming engineers from her alma mater. Believes that the real problem is grammar, spelling and punctuation. Has read and loved Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
  • Willing to donate a limited amount of time. Has committed 10 hours over the course of the term.
  • Would find it hard to come to campus, but happy to do online training.
  • Very comfortable with online technologies and training.

Ivanova Scenarios


  • Full professor. In charge of the course. Comfortable with computers.
  • Directed a writing programme with over 1000 students in a course with a staff of over 20.
  • The teaching of this course is also research. Wants to test hypotheses about student learning in online environments.
  • Interested in applications of text analysis and automated grading in writing instruction.

Cyril Scenarios


  • Paid peer-tutor. She has done peer-tutoring in the past.
  • Is not that comfortable with computers and is anxious about the new system. She would rather tutor f2f.
  • 3rd year Women’s Studies student thinking about applying to graduate school next year.
  • She’s taken the tutoring course and has written about 20-30 papers.

Isadora Scenarios

Kendall Hunter

  • Grad student in English and interested in critical theory. Writing their thesis on rhetoric of economics in political pamphlets in Edwardian England.
  • No training in rhetoric and composition. Assigned to be a TA for this course as part of their funding package.
  • Writes with a fountain pen and prides themselves on not using social media.

Kendall Scenarios


  • 16 years old. A native speaker. Grade 11.
  • Have some experience on computer, and has been used the Internet for 7 years.
  • Loves play computer games.
  • Loves fan finction.
  • Going to participate in a Writing Marathon on GWrit.

Ellen Scenarios


  • 22 years old. An international undergraduate student majored in Computer Science at U of A.
  • Strong background in computer science.
  • Effective in verbal and written English, and has some difficulties in academic paper writing.
  • Hope to improve writing skills from feedback (commenting) from friends.

Alex Scenarios

Sophia Sophia is 30 years old, and new immigrant to Canada from Syria. She has very little knowledge of English. She has some experience on website develop. She heard from her brother that GWrit provides an writing environment which might be helpful for her writing skills. Then she signup an account, and starts a writing challenge to her brother.

  • 30 years old. New immigrant to Canada.
  • Some experience on website develop.
  • She heard from her brother that GWrit provides a writing environment which might be helpful for her writing skills..
  • She signup an account, and starts a writing challenge with her brother.

Sophia Scenarios

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