CIRCA:Meeting Notes, April 29th, 2011


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  • A hook - the question: can we use it for complex scholarly activities.
  • 1. Background on Ukrianian UFAP
  • Humanities crowdsourcing
  • Analysis it - the tasks are much more complex
  • Slid that shows the long tale
  • MIcro crowds ourcing - groupsourcing it was never the point to get a crowd but to get enough people to do it.
  • Write it out - get it written and the slides done.
  • Practice, Practice, practice - memorize the first threee sentences - the start is key.
  • Natalies email on the last slide - we were doing the digital humanities side.
  • Demo not, slides. Screen cast on apple - free or demo version (sends out a ripple to show where clicked) - zoom in and show it. powerpoint slides. Screen shots as big as the screen.
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