CIRCA:Kenneth D. Madsen.“Indigenous Research, Publishing, and Intellectual Property.”


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Kenneth D. Madsen. “Indigenous Research, Publishing, and Intellectual Property” 2008.

The author discussed issues of community return in the form of intellectual property, in a word, publications and research results that has to do with the source, usually, indigenous people. It has been pointed out by the author that failing to “return and share the knowledge with the community from which it came”(91) would result into the mystification of the research project and spread the sense of indifference, leading to the total lack of benefit to the Native side. While the native side might monitor the research by means of approving or rejecting that might be seen as an intrusion of academic freedom but is nevertheless important in ensuring the sensitivity and accuracy of the research. The author therefore proposed some solutions of return: format academic research results into practical reports that could be widely disseminated, to include or write in languages of their own, to acknowledge publicly of the contributing tribal members, to ensure the availability of written research materials to the general public and especially the tribal members.(97-99) Overall, what has been proposed in this paper should be of great help for those curious in the issues of return, respect and mutual benefit.

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