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Data Curation

It may seem strange to think of curation of data as a method, but it is an important activity that is methodical. Without the curation of data it doesn't survive to be used in research and all digitization is done with a view to some sort of use and curation of the resulting data.

->Digital curation involves maintaining, preserving and adding value to digital research data throughout its lifecycle. What is digital curation?

Some things to consider:

  • What is data curation and why is it complicated?
  • What are the standards you need to know about for curation?
  • Who can help you? Who in your institution is responsible for the long term preservation of data? Who currently does it?
  • What do organizations like funding councils expect in the way of data curation?
  • When in research should data curation issues be considered and how can you weave good curation practices into research practices?
  • What are the ethics of preserving data?
  • How can you plan for data management? What does a data management plan look like?


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