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Important Points about the Audio Clips

  • Searchable Audio Files: Folklore Interviews
  • Handbook on Slavic folklore by Natalie Kononenko
  • Folklore module for bilingual studies

Feedback from the public will result with a book

  • Public opinion so far is a book of songs; this is unexpected (based on the few participants so far).

What do you do with all the 200 hours of recording?

  • Converting sound into text – transcription or translations.

They choose to index Sound Files

  • Convert cassette tapes into mp3
  • Svetlana Kukharenko listened to each mp3 file and noted down in a word document.
  • Then has a typical interview index – has metadata.
  • Eric Zhang wrote a search program to link subjects to sound.
    • But it did not work. English and Ukrainian letters are written differently in a computer (English = ASCII – 1 computer word), Ukrainian = UNICODE (2 computer words).
  • Fixed above and put it on the website 2006
  • Over the last summer, they decided to change it – added subcategories and English translations.

From Research site to materials for the general public

  • Involve public so that people can read as well as hear.
  • Translate the material so that those who are Ukrainian is limited or those who have no Ukrainian can have access to examples of folk art.
  • They already have 2 people transcribing and translating.
  • A volunteer said that she would write out the music.

They Need Help!

  • Many of these songs and stories are not known in the west, this provides a unique experience to introduce people to songs, stories, and beliefs that they have never heard.


There was only one community member present at the meeting. The rest of the room was occupied with Ukrainian scholars, this was not what we expected. We may get participants through the respected Ukrainian professors, specifically if they decide to use this project to teach Ukrainian to their students (undergraduates). The website we developed was not expanded on, or shown. Peter Holloway did walk the room through the previous website and how that information will be and is transfered to the new site.

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