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  • What do I do if the clip that I want to check out is taken?

Unfortunately, that clip will no longer be available for translation or transcription at that time. Depending on what the volunteer who has that checked out completes, you may be able to work on the recording later unless both the transcription and translation has been finished. We do have a variety of other audio recordings available that are fascinating, and you should check back often because new clips will be added frequently.

  • Do I have to translate and transcribe when I check out a clip or can I just do one?

Once you have checked out a clip you have the option of just doing a transcription, just doing a translation, or doing both. The Edit clips section of your account is laid out so that whatever you decide to accomplish is easily and effectively completed. We leave the choice up to you!

  • What if I want to work off line?

We do provide the ability to work offline. You can download the clips that you have checked out to your desktop, and you can work on your computer's word processor. When you are done, just copy and paste the text into the corresponding text box online (example: if you have completed a translation copy and paste the work into the translation box). We are trying to create a site, which is accessible to as many people as possible.

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