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So you want to build a simple web page. Here are some suggestions on how to get started.

  • Go to [| W3Schools] and try their tutorials. They have lots of them and they are short and good.
  • In your browser pick a simple page and choose the menu item to view the source code of the page. Read it and ask how it works. Copy the parts you want to try creating a similar page.
  • Learn HTML from a book. Go to the bookstore, find the section on HTML and web design; skim the books until you find one that makes sense and buy it. Go home immediately and start reading and playing. (Don't leave it for tomorrow.)
  • Ask someone to give you a one hour introduction in return for beer. Make sure they work on the same type of computer as you do so they can show you the exact tools and actions you need to get started.
  • Take a short course. You university will have courses of various sorts if you ask around. For longer courses the local community college will have introductory courses.
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