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ABOUT is a “crowdsourced” online encyclopedia on African American history and the history of people of African ancestry outside the United States. Its success is built on a network of more than 900 volunteer contributors from six continents using content management software.

The website is translated into 104 different languages using Google translations and it is funded by crowd donations (one-time or recurrent) and the sale of BlackPast branded items from their online store.

They constantly seek qualified writers to contribute content including entries and occasionally Perspectives articles. The site welcomes anyone who is interested in becoming a contributor and writing entries on people, places, and events of mutual interest. All articles are vetted for historical accuracy and copy-edited before they appear; does not accept unsolicited entries or articles. Contributors to the site are in three broad categories:

• Academic historians-- those who hold a faculty appointment in a two- or four-year college or a university;

• Student historians--those who are currently students in a two- or four-year college or university; and

• Independent historians, those who are at least 18 years of age and who have good research and writing skills. File:photos-aboutus.jpg

HISTORY was founded by the University of Washington’s History professor--Dr. Quintard Taylor in February 2007. The site is updated daily and is supported by a volunteer staff of 12 and over 900 volunteer contributors from six continents grouped into Academic, independent, and student contributors; you can learn more about each of them on the site.



• An online encyclopedia featuring more than 5,000 entries describing people, places, and events in African American history, African American history in the West, and global African history.

• The complete text of nearly 400 speeches by African Americans, other people of African ancestry, and those concerned about race, from 1789 to 2014.

• More than 160 full-text Primary Documents including court decisions, laws, organizational statements, treaties, and government reports and executive orders.

• Major timelines that show the history of people of African ancestry from 5,000,000 B.C.E. to today.

• 9 bibliographies listing more than 5,000 major books categorized by author, title, subject, and date of publication.

• 6 “Gateway” Pages with links to digital archive collections, African and African American museums and research centers, genealogical research websites and more than 180 contemporary African and African American newspapers.

• Over 200 video documentaries on African American, African, black Latin American, Caribbean, and European history.

• APA citations are provided at the end of every article

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The website has more than 15,000 pages. It is free and un-gated as it is funded by public donations, corporate page sponsorships and proceeds from sales of its branded products. Technologies used to preserve these histories include digitization of library books, maps, treaties, old articles, government documents, museum artifacts and so on by computers, scanners, cameras, converters, digitizing tablets etc.

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