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Aug 11, 2011

Skype meeting, in attendance: Jane Tingley, Audrey Desjardins, Shannon Lucky, Max Stein


1. Website : in the process of creating a website of Play-PR (current site [1]). Max is designing this site using Joomla. There is a file of websites to serve as inspirating in the Play-PR dropbox account we can add to. Jane would like to include a visualization map similar to the one on the GRAND site [2] - something, visual, punchy, unique, but easily read. Include an image gallery that all authorized users can upload content to, use Vimeo for video. Most important thing at this point is to add basic content to the dropbox folder so Max has something to populate the site with (images, video, text).

2. Projects Reports: Project reports from each university are due next week, to be added to the dropbox folder. See Audrey's for an example.

3. Meetings: Is also a dropbox folder for meeting agendas and minutes, everyone is encouraged to add to this document.

4. Play-PR Manifesto: included in the dropbox folder, we should keep an eye on this document as we write our reports and try to assign tags from the manifesto to our projects. Feel free to edit and critique the manifesto to keep it relevant with the goals of the research group.

5. Geoffrey Rockwell to book dates for a Play-PR retreat in Spring 2012 - need to solidify dates and take next step toward booking a venue for the meeting. Try to include all head researchers. Also remeber to check the details for funding through GRAND (how is this being funded? is it from each group's GRAND funding or directly from GRAND?)

Next meeting (online) Mon, Sept 5, 2011 @ 10:00 MST (12:00 EST)

To Do: (Shannon)

  • update mindmap with UofA led projects (Mindnode - needs to be done using Mac software)
  • UofA project report (see Audrey's for possible template - in dropbox)
  • presentation for Sept meeting (using Google+ rather than Skype, use Vimeo and Flickr for presentation images, just send links to participants before or during meeting)
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