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This page will introduce the newly launched IOS 4.3 software version

Project IOS 4.3 Software Update

The newly launched I0S 4.3 software by Apple a few days ago is mainly to support features of iPad2. The new software project came with additional features such as SMS reminder on incoming SMS messages, personal hotspot, and iTunes home sharing.


One of the prominent features of new IOS software is the home sharing function. The iTunes sharing was designed to allow users to play the entire iTunes library from anywhere in the house. Whether the iTunes is on Mac or personal computer, a user can play it on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over a shared Wi-Fi network in the house. Home sharing also allow users to watch a movie or TV show from their devices, play a podcast, listen to an audiobook. For more on the features of the new IOS 4.3 software, click features


There is no jailbreak software for this version at present. However, the features of the IOS 4.3 software are not worth risking the already jailbreak on iPhones, iPod touch, iPad etc. Users of jailbreak devices are expected to wait for an official release or update from major jailbreak development teams such as greenpois0n or redsn0w before updating to the new IOS software, otherwise, the jailbreak will be automatically blocked from their phones and subsequently locked back to the network they were originally subscribed to.

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