CIRCA:Alexander V. Starovoitov et al. “Digital Documents in Grey Literature: New Challenges.”


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Starovoitov, Alexander V. et al. “Digital Documents in Grey Literature: New Challenges.” Conference Papers: International Conference on Grey Literature 9(2008): 85-88.

In their conference paper, Starovoitov, Titarev, Bogdanov, and Pavlol, advocate “interorganizational cooperation” to approach the organizational, legal, and ethical challenges of digitizing scientific and technical documents. With Moscow’s federal information center – the Scientific and Technical Information Center of Russia (VNTIC) – as their primary example, the co-authors argue the need for new standards of uniform digital presentation of theses, dissertations and other documents. Intellectual property laws and copyright issues (royalties and plagiarism) are both complex “grey areas” that need revision with the advent and evolution of digital technology. They define “grey literature” as contemporary society’s “information basis,” separate from print culture (paper) and its auxiliary mediums (microfilm and microfiche). Libraries and information centers are now the compilers, processors, repositories, and disseminators of “grey literature,” and though digital technology renders these responsibilities more time-efficient and financially and spatially economical, the ambiguity, out-datedness, or non-existence of standards and “instructive documents” compromises the efficacy and integrity of these organizations.
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