Presenting Information


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Here are some basic rules about presenting information:

  • Plan what you are going to present even if all you do is jot down an outline. Try to put the most important stuff first.
  • Look at the people you are presenting to. Don't stare at the paper before you or the screen onto which you are projecting. Try to engage them not ignore them.
  • Watch you audience for indications as to whether they are confused or bored.
  • You don't need to use PowerPoint, but it is expected forpresentations of a certain formality and it can be useful whenthere is information that can be shown visually. You should learnhow to use it and the read Edward Tufte's pamphlet The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint.
  • Don't talk about yourself or how you figured out whatever you are sharing. Start with the useful information and then, if there is time, describe how you gathered it or figured it out.
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