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Hub News was originally built in 1894 by Strathcona mayor Cornelius J. Duggan. It was once Edmonton's oldest surviving general store was known for it's original boomtown era store front as well as a legend that in the early 20th centure a body was found in a well at the back of the business. If you walk around the corner to Whyte Ave just West of Gateway Blvd you can see the spot where the original building stood which is now occupied by Coney Island Candy, a sweet reference to the history of the spot. In it's original form however the store was more likely to sell gear to prospectors heading out to join the Klondike Gold Rush than salt water taffy. Hub News was one of the original woodframe buildings on the street along with the Strathcona hotel to last into the 21st century. It was nearly destroyed by fire in 1978 but was saved by an early morning bus driver who rang the alarm. Unfortunately the business was not so lucky in 2005 when it was completely destroyed by fire and relocated around the corner where the business continues to be an important part of the community.

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